Steve Kornele
Custom Cues
This Beautiful Cue features an Awesome Birdseye Maple Forearm with Sharp Hand Milled Gaboon Ebony points, 4
high and 4 low. The long points are double milled and inlaid with Ivory to create nice long Ivory points. The short
points are inlaid with an Ivory Strarburst. Gaboon Ebony buttsleeve with 8 Ivory Starburst inlays 4 large and 4
medium. This cues has Ebony and Ivory dashed ringwork throughout. Flat faced Ivory Joint with 3/8-10 pin. The
cue comes with 2- 12.5mm shafts that have Ivory ferrules and Le Pro tips. This cue is a beauty don't miss out
  $2350        SOLD
This Beautiful Cue is Brand New. It features a nice Birdseye Maple Foream. In the forearm are 4 Black Ebony Points, each point has a natural and a
black veneer. The Joint is Polished Stainless Steel. The buttcap is White Synthetic. Notice the Ebony and Ivory Ringwork at the Buttcap and Joint
that is bordered with Silver Rings. The cue weighs 19.5 ounces. It has (2) 13mm shafts that have Linen Base ferrules and Le Pro Tips. Don't miss
out on a Classic Looking Cue!!!!!