The Origins of Kornele Cues

Steve Kornele grew up in the small town of Mooreland, Oklahoma. The same
town where Verl Horn, Dan Prather, Jeff Prather and Daniel Prather also live.
During Steve's teenage years he began helping these Cuemakers in their
shops and learning about building cues. Steve stayed in Mooreland and
commuted to college so he could remain in town and continue to learn the
art of cuemaking everyday in these masters' shops. In February 2001 Steve
relocated to Hot Springs, Arkansas where he joined Greg Willingham of WW
Cues. Greg had gained a lot of experience while helping Verl Horn for the
last several years while Verl battled cancer. After a couple years in Arkansas,
Steve decided to move back to his hometown of Mooreland to raise his
family. He immediately built a new cue shop and purchased new equipment.
Steve Kornele Custom Cues was now taking custom orders and building
cues. Through the years he has stuck with the traditional looks of the cues
that he grew up building. Kornele cues are now sold all over the world to
Tournament Players, Billiards Enthusiast and Collectors. Steve has a passion
for creating and building cues and enjoys putting together new designs.
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Steve Kornele
Custom Cues